I was recommended to Hand Rehab Associates by another PT office as the ladies here are experts on hand therapy.

Karen, specifically worked with me for all my visits.  She laid out a plan to help manage and alleviate my symptoms. In addition, Karen taught me specific exercises to help me reduce the tension in my forearms, shoulders, and neck.

Nikki was a pleasure to work with and helped me get my appointments set up early to make sure that I was able to consistently work with Karen for all my visits. 

I would definitely recommend any individual who is seeking treatment and therapy to visit HRA and Karen. Thanks for all the help!


From Yelp:

This was one of several referrals from PAMF for post broken radius/wrist surgery. Hand Rehab was covered by my insurance. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome and would highly recommend them to anyone that has had a shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger problem.
Here are some specifics:
Friendly and accommodating staff, easy to work with: easy to get to the facility, to park etc., on time and cognizant of and efficient with the patient's time, (examples: called me when a more convenient appointment time opened up, personal notes on invoices, provided instruction on types of exercises I could do at home to speed up recovery)
Great communication: regular and complete updates to the doctor, seamless communication with other staff members (example: if you need to see another therapist there for some reason the other therapist has access to and follows your treatment plan without missing a beat)
They treat you like you and your recovery matter!


Thank you Sabrina for your diligent and thoughtful care of my wrist tendinitis. It has gotten much better over my 10 treatments by you. And I have exercises and treatments to continue at home to achieve 100% rehab.  Thanks also to Kyra and Nikki for their assistance in the process.  Best Wishes to you and HRA with many thanks!


HRA provided wonderful therapy!  My hand feels good as new! Thank you!


I cannot do many sessions as my Kaiser insurance does not cover this kind of care, but I have had an incredibly positive experience.  Lisa has been a great help teaching me how to reuse my little fingers.  I highly recommend HRA!


I want to thank Angie and the entire staff for all of the wonderful care they took with my husband.


I have been pleased with the quality of care I've received from HRA for treatment of my hands due to arthritis. Janet, the co-owner of HRA, is the therapist that provides my treatment. Janet, along with her aide  and the office manager are knowledgeable, informative and very pleasant. The therapy has lessened the pain in my hands and has brought back some of the flexibility in my fingers. I believe HRA provides a high standard of therapy and care. I highly recommend them if you are suffering from hand pain or injury.

- Sol 

Great therapists! The best! The whole staff is amazing. These visits were so enjoyable because of how good and wonderful everyone was. I cannot say enough good things about this place and expert care. My doctor recommended switching from where I was going to come here and I'm so impressed with how much better treatment I received! Janet and Karen knew exactly what to do and I've had a full recovery.


As a health care practitioner, I am particular about the care I receive. I have been very impressed with HRA. It is a top-notch organization with highly skilled therapists. I would recommend them to anyone.


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