Hand Rehab Associates


Upper Extremity Therapy

Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand

  • Specialized evaluation and treatment

  • Advanced soft tissue mobilization treatment techniques

    • Graston Technique

    • Active Release technique

  • Postural related neck and upper extremity repetitive stress injuries

  • Sports injuries

  • Osteoarthritis & arthritis symptom management and adaptive technique training.

  • Post injury & surgery treatment and strengthening for hands, wrists, and elbows

  • Custom and prefabricated splint fitting, and burn pressure garments


Ergonomic Assessments

We provide both on-site ergonomic work evaluations and travel to client’s work site to perform evaluations.

We can recommend changes for set-ups with proper chair heights, keyboard and mouse positioning and incorporate stretching exercises to prevent development of injuries or reduce current injury symptoms.

We address other ergonomic needs of the patients for injury prevention with instruction in task modification i.e. adaptive writing pens, changes in garden or work tool ergonomic designs.


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