Sun's out! Seeds out! Time to get in the garden!

Summer Gardening

Summer in California means time to get out and soak up the sun while enjoying your garden. Vitamin D does your body good, but sometimes all that hard work getting the garden ready can be a strain on hands and arms.  Here are some tips to help keep you in the garden and pain free.    

Ergo Gardening Tips:

  • Use a quality pair of light gloves to protect from cuts and to provide a small amount of padding for hands. 

  • Protect wrists, hands, and elbows by keeping the wrist in a neutral position with elbows slightly bent to maintain strength and avoid straining. 

  • Avoid repetitive gripping, pulling, and twisting. 

  • Protect shoulders and elbows by avoiding long periods of reaching.  Use long handled or telescoping tools when possible for long reaches. Take frequent breaks.

  • Ensure that tool handles are a comfortable fit for your hand.  Use padded tape or foam to adapt tool handles for better grip.

  • Use ergonomic and adaptive tools.  Try them out, just because it says "ergonomic" doesn't always mean it's better for YOU.

Ergonomic Tools

Here are some ergonomic gardening tools we have found that work for our patients.  

Pro Shovel -$29.99

• Greater leverage • Reduced strain on hands, wrists, and back
  • Greater leverage

  • Reduced strain on hands, wrists, and back

Easy Grip Trowel -$11.95

Easy Grip Trowel
Easy Grip Trowel
  • Increased leverage

  • Reduced strain on hands and wrists

Radius Trowel -$9.99

Radius Trowel
Radius Garden Trowl.jpg
  • Increased leverage

  • Reduced strain on hands and wrists

Telescoping Lopper/Pruner - $19.99

Extendable Lopper
  • Reduced strain on hands

  • Extendable handles with ergo grips

Deluxe Stand Up Weeder - $18.99

Deluxe Weeder
  • Dandelion and thistle weeder

  • Long shaft eliminates back aggravation from bending/stooping

  • Specially designed handle helps reduce wrist strain

Flexrake CLA329 Classic Dandelion Weeder -$7.29

Flexrate Weeder
  • Metal base provides leverage for easy weed removal with less wrist/hand strain

See printable PDF here.